Target S3 CSV

AWS S3 setup requirements

Loading data to S3 in CSV file format is straightforward. You need to have access to an S3 bucket and you can generate data files on S3 from all the supported Taps (Data Sources).

Configuring where to replicate data

PipelineWise configures every target with a common structured YAML file format. A sample YAML for S3 CSV target can be generated into a project directory by following the steps in the Generating Sample Pipelines section.

Example YAML for target-s3-csv:


# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# General Properties
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
id: "s3"                               # Unique identifier of the target
name: "S3 Target connector"            # Name of the target
type: "target-s3-csv"                  # !! THIS SHOULD NOT CHANGE !!

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Target - S3 details
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  aws_access_key_id: "<ACCESS_KEY>"             # S3 - Plain string or vault encrypted
  aws_secret_access_key: "<SECRET_ACCESS_KEY>"  # S3 - Plain string or vault encrypted
  s3_bucket: "<BUCKET_NAME>"                    # S3 external stbucket name

  s3_key_prefix: "pipelinewise-exports/"        # (Default: None) A static prefix before the generated S3 key names
  delimiter: ","                                # (Default: ',') A one-character string used to separate fields.
  quotechar: "\""                               # Default: '\"') A one-character string used to quote fields containing
                                                  special characters, such as the delimiter or quotechar, or which contain
                                                  new-line characters.