Target Postgres

Postgres setup requirements

Configuring PostgreSQL as a replication target is straightforward. You need to have a user with permissions to create new schemas and tables in a Postgres database and you can replicate data from all the supported Taps (Data Sources).

Configuring where to replicate data

PipelineWise configures every target with a common structured YAML file format. A sample YAML for Postgres target can be generated into a project directory by following the steps in the Generating Sample Pipelines section.

Example YAML for target-postgres:


# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# General Properties
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
id: "postgres_dwh"                     # Unique identifier of the target
name: "Postgres Data Warehouse"        # Name of the target
type: "target-postgres"                # !! THIS SHOULD NOT CHANGE !!

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Target - Data Warehouse connection details
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  host: "<HOST>"                       # PostgreSQL host
  port: 5432                           # PostgreSQL port
  user: "<USER>"                       # PostgreSQL user
  password: "<PASSWORD>"               # Plain string or vault encrypted
  dbname: "<DB_NAME>"                  # PostgreSQL database name
  #ssl: "true"                         # Optional: Using SSL via postgres sslmode 'require' option.
                                       #           If the server does not accept SSL connections or the client
                                       #           certificate is not recognized the connection will fail