Target Bigquery

Bigquery setup requirements


You need to create a few objects in a Bigquery schema before start replicating data to Bigquery:
  • Existing Google Cloud Platform project: It needs to have billing enabled and a Bigquery project

  • Admin permissions: Ability to create Identity Access Management service accounts

Configuring BigQuery as a replication target is straightforward. Once you have a user with the permissions to create new tables and schemas (or the schema was already created). You can start replicating data from all the supported Taps (Data Sources).

Configuring where to replicate data

PipelineWise configures every target with a common structured YAML file format. A sample YAML for Bigquery target can be generated into a project directory by following the steps in the Generating Sample Pipelines section.

Example YAML for target-bigquery:


# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# General Properties
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
id: "bigquery"                        # Unique identifier of the target
name: "Bigquery"                      # Name of the target
type: "target-bigquery"               # !! THIS SHOULD NOT CHANGE !!

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Target - Data Warehouse connection details
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  project_id: "<PROJECT_NAME>"                 # Bigquery project name
  dataset_id: "<DATASET_NAME>"                 # Bigquery dataset name
  # Optional: Location/region of your dataset
  location: "<LOCATION_NAME>"                  # Bigquery location of the dataset