PipelineWise can send alerts to external systems on run failures by configuring alert handlers in the main config.yml. This config.yml is created automatically when Generating Sample Pipelines. Alerts triggered on run_tap or sync_tables CLI command failures. The triggered alert provides the id of the failed tap and a description about the failure to the alert handler.


You can optionally disable alerts on certain taps by adding send_alert: False optional entry to any tap YAML configuration file.

Currently available alert handlers:

Slack Alert Handler

To send alerts to a Slack channel on failed tap runs:

  1. Follow the instructions at Create a new Slack app and get a Bot user token.

  2. Add the chat:write OAuth Scope to the app.

  3. Invite the bot to the channel by the /invite <bot_name> slack command.

  4. Configure the main config.yml

    Config parameters:

    token: Slack bot user token

    channel: Slack channel where the alerts will be sent


    token: "slack-token"
    channel: "#slack-channel"

To send a copy of alerts to the specific channel for a tap, beside the previous settings, you need to add below setting also in the tap config yaml file:


slack_alert_channel: "#specific-channel-for-this-tap"

VictorOps Alert Handler

To send alerts and open an incident on VictorOps:

  1. Follow the instructions at Enable the VictorOps REST Endpoint and get the long notify URL.

  2. Find your routing key in VictorOps settings page

  3. Configure the main config.yml:

    Config parameters:

    base_url: The VictorOps notify URL without the routing key

    routing_key: VictorOps routing key


    base_url: ""
    routing_key: "victorops-routing-key"


Make sure the VictorOps base_url does not include the routing_key.