Resync TablesΒΆ

Sometimes you will need to resync tables in ad-hoc bases. For example when binlog position deleted in MySQL or when a database migrated to another server and previous CDC bookmarks are not transferable, etc.

If you want to resync every table from a specific tap then use the sync_tables command and specify the tap and target ids:

$ pipelinewise sync_tables --target <target_id> --tap <tap_id>

PipelineWise will update the bookmark(s) in the internal state files automatically and at the next normal run it will load only the changes since the resync.

If you want to resync only a list of specific tables then add the --tables argument:

$ pipelinewise sync_tables --target <target_id> --tap <tap_id> --tables schema.table_one,schema.table_two


The value of the optional --tables argument needs to be a comma separated list of table names using the <schema_name>.<table_name> format. Schema and table names have to be the names in the source database.