Custom media values to ensure consistent breakpoints for responsive behaviour on different screen sizes. Note: To use these properties in your application, you need neptune-tokens.css or neptune-core.css on your page. Tokens are exposed on :root. Refer to Installing CSS on the Setup page to get started.

Breakpoint values

@custom-media --screen-xs (min-width: 480px);
@custom-media --screen-xs-max (max-width: 575px); /* --screen-sm - 1 */

@custom-media --screen-sm (min-width: 576px);
@custom-media --screen-sm-max (max-width: 767px); /* --screen-md - 1 */

@custom-media --screen-md (min-width: 768px);
@custom-media --screen-md-max (max-width: 991px); /* --screen-lg - 1 */

@custom-media --screen-lg (min-width: 992px);
@custom-media --screen-lg-max (max-width: 1199px); /* --screen-xl - 1 */

@custom-media --screen-xl (min-width: 1200px);

Use in code

@media (--screen-md) {
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