Neptune Web

Neptune is the Design System built by and used at Wise. This is the Neptune framework for Web. The React components and CSS provide a way to build high quality, consistent user experiences on the web with ease.


The React components and CSS are distributed separately as npm packages. Get started now by following the setup guide.


Neptune Web components contains many widgets ranging from simple buttons to more complex components like typeahead or flow navigation. Browse all our components, or feel free to raise an issue or contribute if there's something else you'd like to see.


Neptune Web CSS provides core foundational styles like typography, colours and spacing, with a number of utility classes for layout, display and more. Read the style documentation for in-depth information about styling your application with Neptune CSS.

Dynamic forms

Neptune Web Dynamic forms provides form related components and dynamic form functionality. All dynamic form components are listed under the grouping Dynamic forms.

Usage guidelines

Platform agnostic usage guidelines are available on Github. If you have questions or comments on component usage you can raise them there.

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